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Let’s have a Cinema-tastic Experience. 


All projectors operate in low to no ambient light environments. Please ensure the area where the screen is to be placed is as dark as possible. All lighting must be off near the screen. We encourage you to view our LEDs walls if you need daytime projection.

Please have power sources within 300’ of the viewing area.Line of sight is best. However, at minimum, we ask that the area is accessible and free and clear of clutter.

Please plan for ample space. Remember our screens can range up to 36’ in diagonal length

As the client, you will be responsible for the media: Blu-Ray/DVD disc (we provide the player), videogame console, firestick or cable box).

Area must be clean, clear and free of any debris or animal droppings.

We will show what you want (within reason of course) and where you want, however, we strongly encourage obtaining licensing/permission for public spaces.

Life Happens… Trust us, we understand. If you need to cancel/modiy, please inform us at least 3 days prior to avoid cancellation fees.

We can accommodate any distance with customer orders. We aim for a 30 -mile radius. However, we can travel outside of this radius for $1.00 per mile RT.

Yes, at the time of booking, you may pay in full or provide a 50% deposit which will be applied to the total cost of your event.